Client Testimonials

It's just over 2 years since I visited The Herb Clinic, and as a result of the treatment program Barbara Dawson worked out for me, I am now feeling well after suffering from the Ulcerative Colitis that plagued me for over 50 years. Thank-you Barbara



I was feeling really down and full of pain so I saw Casey about it. She asked me to do a plan with her and start eating more whole foods. After 2 weeks I lost 4kg and was feeling much better in myself and had more energy. Over the last 2 years I have lost 23kg's and am able to buy off the shelf! Casey has been very supportive and given me recipes I totally enjoy.


Bay of Plenty

In absolute motivation to really take care of myself and live life to the fullest I decided that I would go and see the team at The Herb Clinic in Auckland and boy that was one of the best decisions I have made for myself! The team are absolutely amazing and really passionate about what they do and to really help you achieve your goals and are there for you every step of the way. I have learnt so much about how my body was functioning and valuable tools on how to really take better care of myself by eating the right kinds of food and relaxing (which were my main goals going into this). Through the support of the Team I have successfully been able to achieve these and I vow that I will be keeping this going! Through my experience I have learnt health starts with the gut so my advice would be to start there and see if you can notice the difference; I started noticing a difference in 2-3 weeks I would like to thank this amazing and committed team for going above and beyond my expectations



After many years of feeling below par,  suffering many food and environmental intolerance's,  and visiting many medical practitioners, hospitals and clinics,  I  received  no satisfactory outcome.    I then decided to make an appointment with The Herb Clinic in Howick.

In late 2015,  Barbara Dawson confirmed that I suffered from  Leaky Gut Syndrome. This was a new and surprising condition to me. Once I began Barbara’s prescribed treatment,  my overall health started to improve.   This has been a most rewarding experience and  I now realise how unwell  I’d been for so many years. 

Thank you Barbara and all the team at The Herb Clinic.



I have been on a journey of recovery with Barbara Dawson of The Herb Clinic for my intestinal problems and stress levels. I cannot praise her patience, professionalism and kindness enough. She has certainly cured me of my problems. As she said, most things usually start in the gut and this has proven to be true. After returning from an overseas trip my stomach pains would not go away and matters in my life were causing me stress, so all in all I was feeling unwell and tired. Perseverance was the key and Barbara certainly kept me on track. Casey Twist the Nutritionist helped me too with healthy eating choices. I cannot recommend Barbara and Casey enough to anyone. I never felt as though I was being forced into purchasing anything just encouraged to keep at it and it worked. After a couple of months I feel so much better. Barbara has a gentle way about her and is incredibly knowledgeable about herbs, supplements, testing etc. I also felt everything we dealt with was totally confidential too. They work in a relaxing 'homely' environment where you are undisturbed and feel comfortable. Thank you Barbara very much. I will definitely be returning with any further health problems.



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