Bunless Burgers

February 2, 2017

So easy, I wasn't sure whether to write out a recipe. If anything this is to give you an idea on how to fit a delicious burger into your nutrition plan - yep, these are nutrition plan approved!

 As far as lettuce goes, we recommend using Iceburg as they have large circle shaped leaves that seem to cope well with all the burger goodness you cram into them.


Some ideas for fillings include (but certainly not limited to):










For the protein part of your burger you could use ground beef or lamb (season well and shape into patties) bake at 180 degrees celsius until cooked to your liking. You can also cook these on the Bbq or in a pan. Chicken breast or fish is also a good option for your protein source.


Lay out a large Iceburg lettuce leaf.


Place burger filling ontop. Wrap up and enjoy!


We serve this with some Kumara chips, yum!



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