Make Green Smoothies Your New Year’s Resolution


If there is only one thing you can commit to this month, let it be this. It’s all done in under 10 minutes and has an incredible effect on your health.


Although green smoothies are great any time of the day, our bodies have a natural cycle of digestion it undertakes each day. It usually looks like this; elimination (excretion of waste), appropriation (eating and digestion) and assimilation (absorption and use). Usually in the morning we are in elimination mode which means our body is releasing toxins and cleansing.


Ideally we are wanting to encourage this process and not hinder it. We want to fuel it with something that is easy to digest, like live (raw) ingredients, chock full of nutrients and enzymes to work with. Enter the green smoothie!


Now don’t be put off by the colour people. Drinking green is the new thing! Seriously, even my kids are into it – although I call them “Green Monsters”. If you are new to green drinks, try starting at 20% vegetables and 80% fruit. Ideally, you want to work your way up to 50/50.


Here are a couple of my go-to recipes:


Green Smoothie 1


1/2 frozen banana

1/2c frozen berries

1 large handful of baby spinach leaves

1 Tbsp Flaxseed

Almond Milk or Coconut Water


Blend and Enjoy!


Green Smoothie 2


1 frozen banana

¼ telegraph cucumber

½ lemon

1 large handful of spinach

1/2cup berries

1Tbsp Chia seeds

Coconut water


Blend and Enjoy!


Smoothies are definitely something you can experiment with, try new combinations and mix up those colours. After all, variety is the spice of life!


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