How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated When You Travel


Planning a trip overseas later this year? Here is a beauty tip for you to consider...


If taking a plane journey long or short be aware that every 20 minutes our skin is exhaling (?) moisture! This can leave our skin very dehydrated and take days to recover from. But you can counteract this.


Every so often spritz the skin with a hydrating mist and leave to soak into the skin allowing the moisture to lock in. Massage a hydrating serum before the flight and on landing. During your stay especially during the first few days keep using the serum, morning and night under moisturiser (don't forget the eye area). This may sound like a lot of work, but it will make a huge difference.


Our luxurious OrganicSpa range is certified organic, vegan and has products just for this!

Spritz: Toner with Rose Flower Oil this fresh, energising mist will leave the skin toned and hydrated.




Hydration: Gel Mask will invigorate stressed, weary complexions. Designed to deeply cleanse and replenish lost moisture leaving the skin feeling firm and refreshed.



Hydration: The Intense Moisture with cocoa seed butter and carrot seed oil to provide optimum penetration down to the basal cell layer giving you constant hydration.



Concentrated Hydration: Rosehip Oil to nourish with multi vitamins including vitamin C and essential fatty acids for instantly lifting dull tired skin.



Coverage: Beauty Balms for increased hydration and skin clarification by softly covering the skin with a hint of colour. Available in Light and Medium tints.



Serum: Vitamin C serum for increased radiance and moisture balance.


OrganicSpa is professional salon only skin care cosmetic range.  If you are interested in ordering from the range please email us and let us know about any skin concerns you may be experiencing so we can help make sure you have chosen the best products for yourself. Alternately you can contact us directly on 09 534 6049 to book a skin consultation.


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