We are proud stockists of SIGVARIS Medical Products here at The Herb Clinic in Drury, Auckland.

Compression therapy is the cornerstone in the treatment of venous disorders and diseases of the lymphatic system. Compression therapy is also used to prevent venous thrombosis. SIGVARIS Medical Products, prescribed by your practitioner and correctly fitted, may positively improve the health of your legs by reducing venous symptoms and improving the venous flow.



Why we recommend SIGVARIS products:


  • Controlled efficacy compression stockings - Scientific studies show the efficacy of SIGVARIS products

  • Fitted compression: all legs are different; measurements are taken for best product fit to ensure best efficacy and comfort

  • Expertise recognised by health professionals and patients

  • Innovations that make compression therapy progress (UlcerX double stocking system, Sensinova grip band for stockings)

  • Textile intelligence with unique sizing system to cover most of the population

  • A large choice of models, textures and colours to bring a solution for everyone

  • SIGVARIS global commitment: raise awareness, educate and act to improve the treatment of venous insufficiency.


To arrange a consultation with a certified SIGVARIS practitioner

  phone 022 399 6488 or click here to contact us.