The Carb Choice gene test by Fitgenes can reveal your ability to process starch. This is important to understand as starch is the most common carbohydrate included in human diets and your ability to process it can affect your health and wellbeing.


This AMY1 gene report details your range in terms of a low, moderate or high capacity to tolerate carbohydrates and how you can manage your dietary intake.  This allows you to make the right dietary, nutritional and lifestyle choices for long term health and wellbeing. 

If you are:

  • Confused about carbs?

  • Overweight?

  • Unable to lose weight?

  • Having trouble maintaining weight loss?

  • Tired of fad diets?

  • Diabetic or insulin resistant?

  • Gluten intolerant


CarbChoice reports include information on foods that inhibit or stimulate carbohydrate metabolism and how to prepare them to assist in starch processing. Lifestyle factors that influence your starch processing are also included.  


Exercise, dental health, alcohol and smoking all affect your starch processing ability and tolerance. The report explains your recommended approach to these lifestyle factors based of your genes.

Investment: $229.95

If you would like more information on Carb Choice testing, please contact us at our Auckland clinic on 022 399 6488 or click here to send us a message.